Building in public

I am working to make into a useful tool for Self Employers to run their businesses and to create joint ventures with other Self Employers. Much of this work involves the technical details of creating a SaaS app, such as web and app design, software development, and system administration.

To help other Self Employers who want to create their own SaaS apps too, I am recording my progress here in a series of technical articles that explain what goes on "under the hood" of, and that link to the resources you would need to do the same thing.

Enjoy! 😀

You know what sucks? Amazon’s abusive employment practices. You know what else would suck? Being complicit in that by hosting an app on Amazon Web Services. Oh, and by the way, AWS rips you off so much with it’s monoply-level pricing that for many years AWS had been responsible for all of Amazon’s profit. What if I told you that there is an easy(ish) way to capture that value for yourself instead, and even resell that to your own customers?


(Only if you are interested in the boring details…)

To make a rough estimate of what a public cloud equivalent of the Bargain Cloud Project would cost, let’s look at two other options: Heroku, which would save me from all of the effort do doing my own system administration, and AWS, which would be no easier than Hetzner and would only save me the effort of buying an colocating a server here in Australia.


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